Dental Services Offered

 This is a General  Dentistry practice providing the following Dental Treatment Services:

  • Head and Neck Screening Examination by Palpation Techniques: This is a Special Screening Exam you may have never experienced in the dental arena.  By massaging and palpating strategic areas of the head and neck in the dental chair, you can check for swollen glands (often an early sign of infection or tumor activity in the mouth or head area), Sinus problems or inflammation, and you can do a preliminary screening for Salivary Gland issues such as inflammation or tumor activitity, with a simple palpation technique.  In this practice, we have been enabled to make the preliminary diagnosis of Parotid Salivary Gland Disease, which may have saved the life of our patient with a Malignant Tumor of the gland, simply by using these screening techniques all the time.  You don't have to wait for Cancer Screening  Week to check yourself in alternative dimensions. 
  • Examinations, Consultations, and Diagnostic services such as Oral Disease Diagnosis, Xrays, Second Opinion Consultations, Referrals to Specialists when indicated (which specialist should you see for your condition?).
  • Cardiodontal Services for those who have been diagnosed or treated for Heart and other Cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure). We can provide thorough oral cleanings performed by the Doctor, not other office staff.  3 Month mouth cleansing frequency.
  • Oral Prophylaxis Schedules for Diabetic, Cardiovascular, Pregnant, and Early Dementia Patients.  These patients should have their teeth cleaned every three (3) months if any of the above conditions exist. 
  • Non-Implant Restorative Alternatives for Replacing Missing Teeth: Crowns, Fixed Bridges, Removable Dentures, Attachment Dentistry not involving Implants.  Despite the "hype", Implants are not suitable for every patient.
  • Root Canal Therapy and Adult/Child Alternatives to conventional nerve treatment When Indicated.
  • Denture Services: New, Replacement Dentures, Repairs, Addition of Teeth, Relining and Rebasing Procedures.
  • Nightguards and Athletic Guard Services: Nightguards for "grinding" habits and joint disorders (TMJ), made by custom impressions of your teeth with vinyl acrylates and other "shock absorbing" rubber-like  materials to protect your teeth and bones.
  • Simple Oral Surgical Procedures (Extractions, Broken Tooth Fragments Removed, Minor Periodontal (gum) Procedures.
  • Emergency Palliative Treatment to Relieve Pain: Treatment of Infections and Inflammation of the Jaw and the Teeth.